PRS SE Mike Mushok Signature Baritone Guitar



Anyone play one of these? I'm thinking about getting one, and tuning it to Drop C

Make your own from Warmoth parts! A flat top soloist body and a W headstock, recessed TOM and a couple of nice buckers.
I do think the SE series from PRS is very good value, I've almost bought one one a few occasions, but that thing looks kind of cheap.
Also, the W baritone scale is 3/4" longer than that, making it a bit easier to get to the low tunings.
i've wanted to play one... i owned a PRS SE Soapbar II a while ago and couldn't find a single thing wrong with the guitar. besides the P90's, which hummed too much for me  :icon_biggrin: but i think they're a great value of a guitar. if you can afford it, though, you'd get a very cool baritone from warmoth
I don't like Warmoth's baritone scale, so I'm getting one of these, I just got back from playing one at the store, it played fantastic, and the pickups sounded awesome through the Marshall DSL, and Mesa triple Recto that I tried. I'm sold.
I also think the PRS SE line is great for the money.  I can't say I've tried this one yet.  So long as it plays sweet it's hard to beat for the price, just don't drop a lot of green into upgrades.  How's the return policy so you can hear it through your rig?
The owners of the shop are personal friends of mine, so they have no problem with me bringing my rig to the store, and they'll even bring the stuff home and let me try it at their place, so it's a win-win for sure.
I wish the finish was a little more exciting, or at least the burst faded istead of just stopped. Other than that I bet its a sweet guitar.
sounds like you can't really go wrong. i've been thinking about selling off some stuff and getting the custom 24 se as a "beater" guitar and for dragging with me to friend's houses and such. the SE line is awesome. if you've still got those PRS pickups it would be a very very cool upgrade. i don't know how a regular humbucker would act in a baritone, but i would assume it's fine  ???

EDIT: and i'm really not a fan of the finish either, but i wonder if it looks as clean-lined in person. if not, it could be very cool. the burst finish is too harsh, i think. its just black, then gray
no, that's just a crappy picture, it's a cool gradual burst in real life