Problem logging in to account


Not sure if it is just me, or a site issue. I have tried 5 different browsers and on all of them it lets me login successfully but says "thank you for registering" and when I try to look at my account it shows me not logged in. I created another account to see if it was a problem with my account and it has the same issue. I confirmed I am logging in, not on the Register tab. Not a big deal but I would like to be logged in when I place a future order.
Welcome to the forum. I assume you mean logging into rather than this forum.

The Warmoth website changed a few months back and there remain a few cosmetic glitches.

New Warmoth Site Bug Megathead

When I logged in this morning it said thanks for registering, which is a bug but I was then logged in.

Can you post what is happening to the thread linked above as it is more likely to be picked up there.

Last year there was a similar thing and this workaround may help you.

stratamania said:
Users are reporting: Problems logging into Account

I just checked and although I have a proven working account. I logged in and then was asked thanks for registering (although I was logging in and not registering) and then nothing.

The workaround I found to actually login was as follows.

Go to an in stock part of the showcase. Add an item to wishlist with the heart shape icon, you will then be asked to login. You may again be thanked for registering but the item will be added to your wishlist.  Refresh the page and then you will be shown as logged in and able to view your account etc.