Priebecaster is complete


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Priebecaster just about done...
I have been playing for over 30 years and this is the nicest guitar I can remember playing. Thank you all at Warmoth for your professionalism, craftsmanship and attention to detail.










Link to see all Pics...
Nice one, but your neck looks all scooped out between each fret, you should return it for a good one....  :eek:ccasion14:
They only messed it up from the 12th to 22nd frets, so I think I'll keep it. :eek:ccasion14: (Eichbaum Beer)
wow what a beast! its so eligant with the gold hardwear but mean looking with those strap locks on!
Very snappy indeed. With a gold mini switch it would be the felines night attire! :kewlpics:
Schmoopy said:
how does it sound?

Well let me put it this way, I played a G&L strat for about 5 years and thought it was the shiz.

But now I think I'm going to have to sell it cause I don't think I will ever play it again. (Sorry Legacy Bud)

It is not even close!  I'll try to record something here soon.
Seriously folks,

This is a Rothstein assembly and this is taken from the website;

The neck-on switch mounted on the tone control has a push-pull pot which is used to engage the neck pickup at any time, regardless of which position you have selected using the 5 way switch. This allows you to get the two missing sounds from a strat namely neck/bridge (think Tele like tone) and all three pickups on at the same time.
It also includes a 3PDT (3 pole double throw) mini switch to engage the bridge and middle pickups together in SERIES mode for a louder sound with more bottom. Most people use DPDT (double pole double throw) switches for series/parallel switching but the problem  we found with this approach is that when the series link is active, several positions of the 5 way switch produce no sound at all. Our solution is to use the extra pole provided by the 3PDT switch to simply bypass the 5 way. Think of it as a kind of "blow" switch.  (Taken from Rothstein site)

I have yet to discover all the tonal possibilities.
That is an amazing guitar man. Seriously gorgeous.

Is it just me or does the vibrato bar seem to sit really high?
Good eye CD, I had to look twice myself. That was just a 'stick it in and take some pics' sort of thing.
Iv'e just been playin it for the last 3 hrs, and I am in heaven. It set up very nice with no need for fret dressing or anything. Perfect!
Wow, Priebs, that is one nice looking axe.  I know the Rothstein guys can do a lot of different pickup configs, which ones did you use in there?  Sounds like you've got plenty of tonal possibilities there.  Enjoy man!

I used the Voodoo Tone Monster. And it's living up to it's name.

It will take awhile for me to remember what sounds are where, but right now I'm just having fun experimenting with them.
man i love this site, b4 i found this site the coolest thing i thought you could do as far as wiring goes, was to coil split humbuckers. that neck pickup switch sounds like an awsome idea.
JR, have you bought something from Rothstein?

Have you checked out samples of his CD on the site?
It's great music and Andy Rothstein is a pretty good guitarist.
What a gig he's got, build guitars, wire up pickup assemblies and put out CDs and gig.

nah i havnt before, but i really like the look of his wiring options. im considering doing an esquire in the future so his wiring diagrams will come in handy.