pre slotted nut with 1 5/8" neck nut width?


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Ordered a neck with 1 5/8" nut width.  Can I use a standard pre-slotted nut with this neck or will the slots for the E strings be too close to the edge of the fretboard?  I assume the string layout would have to be slightly different for a 1 5/8" width than it would be for a 1.650" or 1 11/16" neck.

Stew mac for instance has a slotted bone nut with these dimensions:

For Fender, 7-1/4" radius
1-45/64" x 15/64" x 1/8"
(43.48mm x 5.99mm x 3.18mm)
7-1/4" (184.15mm) top and bottom radius
1-13/32" (35.56mm) string spread

Would this work?

Worst case scenario I guess I would need to buy a blank and lay the string slots out myself.



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One more piece of info concerning nuts.
I am looking to order a new Warmoth neck.
I have had several e-mails with one of their reps, and actually found the info I was looking for on their site.

The question was: What is the width of their standard nut slot?
NOTE: This is NOT the width of the neck at the nut.
Anyway, the answer is 3 mm.
Why did I ask the question?
In case I ever needed to replace the nut for any reason, I wanted to be sure if a TUSQ nut will fit and that the nut slot is too wide, which would require a shim and could get to be a pain.
The slot being 3 mm wide means that a standard TUSQ pre slotted nut should fit with maybe a little sanding/tweaking of the nut (which is normal).

As for the spacing of the string slots, the TUSQ web site has all of the dimensions.
You can draw up a little diagram/picture and hopefully put your thoughts to rest.

Also, keep in mind that there is a third factor here regarding playability: Fret end bevel angle.
It's possible that in an extremely whacked out probably wouldn't occur in the real world case, the bevel could be at such a steep angle that the E strings could slide off the edge of the frets.
I asked this question in this forum a month or two ago.
You can scroll back and see the answers for yourself.

I'd recommend that you verify all of this information yourself, and not take the word of some "nut" on some internet forum.    ;>))

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sethmeister said:
Thanks.  I'll go ahead and buy pre slotted then.  Do you use bone or tusq?
I use the Tusq. It is very hard and slippery. I see no reason whatsoever to use bone. People on a "vintage" kick tend to want bone.