pot backwards


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I've got a volume pot that only seems to want to operate backwards.  It works fine, just opposite of what it should.  Any ideas?
You have swapped some of the wires, probably two on the pot.  Pics or a drawing and I can help :)
I would be tempted to agree with the above, but is the taper backwards?

If you flipped the 2 terminals, you might have a weird taper, unless the pot was accidentally installed backwards.
if your knob is reversed (ie 0 is full volume and 10 is no volume) then do as mayfly said and swap the connections of lugs 1 and 3.

http://www.beavisaudio.com/techpages/Pots/ some info on pots (aimed as diy pedal makers, but still usefull)

Switching the out side lugs will reverse the taper, but never change slope of the taper.