possible to add 3rd pickup?


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hello all

im wondering if it is possible to add a 3rd (middle) pickup to a carved top guitar like a les paul. Ive got a Hamer sunburst that id like to add a SC in the middle but not sure how the wiring channles would be put in....on my tele it would be easy.....

Should be possible.  The wiring channel goes under the top, and transverses the guitar (at least on a Gibson, dunno bout a Warmoth).  The route would be right over that channel.  You'd probably want one of those fancy top mount rings to hold it (although it would be a little curved from the shape of the top)
You'll need a looooooong drill bit to drill between the pickup holes so you can get a low angle.


You can also buy curved pickup mounting rings...

Jeeze.... look at where that transverse route is.  The channel is way high compared to Gibson channels.

In that example, why not just drill UP to intersect with the existing channel, its right there.  Seems easier.

But, the question was about a single coil in the middle.  And seeing that, I'd be tempted find out where that transverse channel ends up and drill directly there... again... as was said... long drill time
thanks for the help guys. I may just stick with my original plan and buy a body blank and neck here at Warmoth. the info still helps me out as i will want three pickups and rear routing that ill have to do myself. Ill have a lot more questions about that....

Here's a whacky idea.  Shoot through the neck pocket to connect the neck and new middle pickup cavities.  A small hole in the neck pocket wall won't affect stability.

would it be more/less difficult to add a third humbucker in the middle of two already existing ones if the pups are active? I've got and esp with 2 EMG 81s and would like to put an 85 or 60 model between them. then, i'd like to add concentric pots to made full use of the sonic pallette of the guitar. would it be slightly possible to do this without completely tearing the axe to pieces?  :dontknow: