planet waves or Sperzel locking machine heads

possum1284 said:
they are both terrible go with schaller or grover.
I can't yet comment on PW as I have just bought my first set for my trusty Columbus, but my 20year old Strat Plus Deluxe has locking Sperzels and they are superb! Never had any issues with them whatsoever and I often change strings on the day of a gig safe in the knowledge that my tuning will be sound. I would recommend them to anyone.
    On my first Warmoth build I bought Planet Waves tuners and they were absolute garbage.  Other people on the forum love them so I probably just got a bad set.  Regardless, I switched to Sprezels for that build, and my next four.  I've never once had an issue with them.
Never used the planet waves ones, the sperzels work well, i have the wilkinsons on my main guitar. I bought some sperzels style locking tuners from GFS and they seem to work just as well. I'll be finishing up the build this weekend and will report back once I've tested them fully.