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Does anyone here know if the Wilkinson routing done by Warmoth will accommodate the Fishman VS-50P Wilkinson Powerbridge?

After hearing a piezo pick-up in a Strat bridge, I'm thinking that would be awsome to include in a future build!

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Not sure about the rout for a Fishman, but Graph Tech sells replacement Ghost piezo saddles that will fit in Wilkinsons.

Okay - the only issue I have with the Ghost system is I have 6 separate wires I have to route through the bridge plate into the control cavity...

The Fishman Bridge is all inclusive and has a single wire that comes out the bottom of the bridge already...

Maybe if someone out there had some experience with either / both of these systems and could enlighten me...

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Eric "GuitarEC"
All true.  But drilling a few little holes in your bridge isn't that hard of a mod, the wires are tiny and they come out the bottom of the saddles. The rest of the routing and rewiring you'll have to do is probably a lot harder than that part. I did research before buying the Graphtech, and found some people pretty unhappy with the quality and reliability of the Fishman setup.  I can tell you the Graphtech is well made and the saddles are good quality. Suggest you check out the Fishman first in person if possible, instead of buying it based on the Graphtech sound. I think there are a few guitars that come stock with it - some Schecters, maybe?  I forget.
Does anyone know if the holes could be small enough to allow one per lead, or would it be better to group them in twos?

Also, it's not the wire diameter you need to drill the hole for - it's the connector on the other end...

That being said, is there enough room in the body routing to allow for wiring to enter the body through the bridge plate on the spring side of the underside block?  What about the 6 -> 1 block connector that Graph Tech uses in the Ghost system to mux the 6 pick-ups to a single signal connection?  Enough room in that cavity to mount that there, or would I be better off routing the individual saddle wires into the control cavity?

...oh, so many questions!!  ...and JUST when I thought I had my guitar's electronics figured out!!

Eric "GuitarEC"
GuitarEC said:
Does anyone here know if the Wilkinson routing done by Warmoth will accommodate the Fishman VS-50P Wilkinson Powerbridge?

Eric "GuitarEC"

If you can get dimensions from Fishman, you can compare those against the VS100 bridge Warmoth carries.


I had already checked that, but the points of reference used on the two diagrams made it really difficult to make any determination about compatibility...

I'm thinking I'm just going to go the Graph Tech Ghost route...

Eric "GuitarEC"
For JacktheHack's idea; where would you put the piezo? All the main systems I've seen put the piezo in the sadddles / under the bridge.  I thought a thinline was solid all the way under the bridge. Don't think you'd get much volume or a very realistic / usable tone just putting it under the top under the F-hole.
As for the dimensions / fit of the graphtech stuff, look at my previous post in 'pickups'. You can see how long the wires are.  It's doable, you'll just need to buy it and suss out the details of drilling, etc. when you get the parts. One nice thing is that all the wires can be removed from the little 'connnector block' making it easier to maneuver stuff.
Under bridge, or under saddles on top of bridge, don't know if that would work; I'd try one of their PowerBridge tremolos first, actually...
Yea, tfarny - it was your thread that really sold me on the Graph Tech set-up.  Out of curiosity (again, because I'm planning on mounting this on a VIP body with a Wilkinson Tremolo) do you know about how big a hole I would need to drill out (can you say 'Dremel'?) to fit those single end connectors through the bridge plate and into the tremolo cavity?

Eric "GuitarEC"
You should be able to just ream out the bridge ground hole already there; might fit through there already depending on how thick the Ghost wires are....
If you drilled six holes, they'd be tiny.  The wires and the connectors to the block are all about as small as can be; they're actually kind of hard to manipulate they're so small. Done carefully, I think it would be almost invisible. If I were doing it, I'd probably drill two or three slightly bigger holes and rout two/three  wires through each, I still think it'd be invisible...(quick look at my drill bits)...I'd say 1/8 holes would be plenty large for 2 or 3 of those wires, 7/64 would almost certainly do it. If you've got multiple good hard drill bits and a vise of some kind, you could try 1/16 and if that didn't work, go a size up.  Definitely between 1/16 and 1/8. Again, I haven't done this, but that would be my plan. Finally, just having the wires go right into the pickguard is what graphtech recommends, it's what I did, and it's hard to notice them until you get close, I guess if your bridge was black it would be more noticeable. You could do this first, then do the drilling later if the look bugs you. Again, I did this on a POS guitar body so you may care a lot more about looks if you're doing it to your dream gear. If my football team is losing on Saturday I may drill through my bridge just to cheer me up, I'll post pics if I do.
I want to pass the Ghost saddle leads through the VS100 bridge on my rear-routed strat. I'm not having much success with local guitar repairers here in South East England, those I have spoken to so far look at the hardened steel baseplate and give up. Can these 1/8"" (or so) holes really be made with a Dremel or similar tool and some metal grinding or diamond point bits ? Thanks
Just bumping this question as I've just asked a similar one before noticing this thread.

How thick is the baseplate, and what is it made of?

I've not got much experience with drilling anything - especially metal, so am a bit nervous about doing it myself.
There are bits (usually carbide or diamond tipped) that are designed specifically for drilling hardened steel. They're not the sort of thing a typical guitar shop is going to have around. For one, they're expensive and they're not much good for anything else. Another thing is drilling hardened steel usually requires copious amounts of coolant, a jig for holding the part, and either a drill press or milling machine to spin the cutter. What you should be looking for is a machine shop. They'll be all set up to do exactly what it is you're looking to do.
So I am guessing you have your heart set on a wilkinson trem?  Have you checked out any of LR Baggs products?  Not sure if they make a set of saddles for the bridge you are seeking but I'm pretty sure they make a set of saddles that is compatible with Fender tremolos.  I went with the T-Bridge, which is a Tune-O-Matic with the piezo saddles and I'm extremely happy with it.  Maybe consider a Bigsby and a T-Bridge, if you are concerned with holes.  I summed up all 6 wires and shrink wrapped them and drilled about a 5/16" hole to run them from the bridge to the cavity, and because my bridge is recessed, you cannot see them at all installed in the guitar!

Good luck and let us know how this goes!!