Piezo, Earvana, etc.


- Piezo bridges like the L.R.Baggs system offered at Stew-mac
- All hardware options in at least gold, chrome and black (and also black chrome if available) - for example, that Baggs bridge comes in gold, silver, and black, but stew-mac doesn't offer it in black :-(
- I see wood & finish options all the time in the showcase that are not offered on the regular pages.  I can understand weird one-off checkerboard wood patterns, etc. not being offered as standard, but something like burled redwood, or zebrawood, etc.
- Earvana nut (if not already offered)
- Roland GK Kit install option, or at least a routing option and jack plate
- Different 12-string body shapes
- Vine of life inlays
- Fabric-type finishes (customer sends in fabric of certain dimensions and of a certain composition, i.e. cotton or cotton poly only or something like that, and warmoth cuts to shape and applies to body with a side burst-over.  Obviously an additional charge would apply, and flat tops only.

Just for the hell of it:  I'd love to see more pics of colored bursts over acrylic swirls finishes!  The 2 that are in the Gallery are really cool!