Piece of Glass


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I locked myself out of my truck a few days ago. It's a mid 90's ford ranger, so i went to the primitive lock on the sliding back window and
tried to wiggle it open like i had before. Only this time 2 of the 3 back windows shattered and my right hand got cut up with tempered glass.

So i got my keys and cleaned myself up cause i had a test i was about to be late for. Earlier today was my first chance to play guitar in a
while, but after picking it up for just a few seconds i realize fretting with my middle finger hurts.

turns out a piece of glass had gotten stuck in my callus and i hadn't noticed for more than 48 hours.

so what kind of stories do y'all have about playing inhibiting/caused injuries, and just how gnarly are the tips of your fretting fingers?



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my sister put a sewing needle and thread through all my fingertips and i didn't even notice til she strung em together.


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I had a cut on my left forefinger from the center of the nail to under the first knuckle there and had to do a bunch of studio playing for a guy.  Took everything I had to make it through without crying and looking like a total sissy.  Oh, and I've still got a piece of glass in my right earlobe from an accident I was in when I was 17 (13 years ago).


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I broke my right hand in a fight a few years ago and played a show with my hand like that becasue I wouldn't go to the doctor.  :evil4:
I did get a cast put on it and performed once or twice more after that.  :hello2:

The show must go on!


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I split the side of my left forefinger tip in a machinery accident at work and auditioned for a house-band gig the next day with three stitches. I totally shanked it. Couldn't play worth a darn. Hard to emote a solo with feeling when you're trying to avoid working the wounded finger!