Pickups for strat project


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Hello to all,

This is my first post!  This is also my first complete warmoth build (picked up a neck from them about a year ago - awesome).  I am building (basically) a fat strat (HSS) with strat style fixed bridge
Alder body and Quartersawn maple neck.

I am looking for a guitar sounds that will cover blues to hard rock (not metal).  I prefer fatter crunch sounds with warmer mids and highs - not really looking for ultra high gain.

I will be playing out of the following amps

Reeves Custom 6 with Fulltone OCD
Fender Blues Deluxe w/ OCD
Peavey Bravo 112

I am currently thinking about the following pu combination for this guitar:
Dimarzio Air Zone (full size humbucker) bridge
Dimarzio Cruiser in the middle
Dimarzio Chopper or Cruiser in the neck

I am very familiar with the Chopper (neck) and have a Tone Zone (bridge) in another strat style guitar.  I figure the Air Zone should be more vintage output with less vowel sound.

I have tried Seymour Duncan before and missed every time - I prefer Dimarzio based on what I have heard and experienced.

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this combination in a strat style guitar (or similiar)
OR if you have any suggestions

thanks for your time