Pickups for my Dano


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Well the money's tight and the budget very sad so constructing a new build is out of the question for now.
All my plans for a LPS junior and a Jazzmaster Baritone build have been put on the back burner  :sad1:

My wife thinks i have enough guitars anyway, but i never have enough guitars so when my Dano a U2 56 90's reissue
started popping and crackling and carrying on again at a gig, this time the switch, previously the jack (swapped over for a switchcraft) i knew it was time to strip out the spagetti they call wiring and rewire the whole thing. I had a small bit of vintage wiring i had patched it with still working good but the old wiring keeps falling apart, crud of the highest order.

In my spare parts bin I have a new Les Paul switch all wired and ready to install, i then i dragged out the the 250k volume and tone pots i had left over from my strat construction so have decided to have 1 tone and 1 volume instead of the concentric rubbish thats in there. Theres an orange drop cap around somewhere as well.

The pups that are the originals have nice tones but are only 4k  which leaves them gasping a bit when i decide to get some nasty slide going. I decided to change these out for a set of GFS Pro Tube "D 6K RW/RP and the 8K bridge. I ordered these on Wednesday and within hours got confirmation that they had been shipped to Australia, great service so far and did i mention cheap.

I expect the pups to arrive on Monday or Tuesday and get them into the Dano by next weekend for a show i am doing on Friday.
I did alot of research on these tubes and couldnt find anyone with any probs and they had a 9+ rating at Harmony central. Cheap makes me a bit wary considering the bomb i paid for the vintage classics i put in the strat but i assumed that the Dano being a cheap guitar with cheap wiring and pups i would bite the bullet.

If the GFS pups turn out to be the ducks guts i will use/try their floating Jazz on my resonator if they dont turn out to be any good i will just slot the old ones back in.

I will update the thread once the lipsticks are in and provide a sound sample but untill then anyone have any pros or cons on the GFS brand

I own a pair of GFS lipstick tubes but I've never actually put them in an axe... I have the Tele bridge tube and a RWRP strat-sized tube.  I also have a SD lipstick tube, which I had in my old strat for a while... that's a nice pickup.  I was planning to do a Nashville Tele with the 3 lipstick tubes but I never got around to it.

Let me know how they sound!!
I will try and A/B them with the old set with some tunes already recorded live. I just hope they have nice tone and output and not just a big wall of noise.

If they're anything like the SDs they should have a really cool sound.  Looking forward to the clips...  :rock-on:
These have just arrived here in Melbourne, arrived Tuesday AM so very good service.


Will install them when i get a chance to do so

Just noticed they stuffed up my order the 6k pickup is not for a Dano


Damn, I thought the legs looked a little short on one of those. I was hoping otherwise. :sad:
I will see what their "they stuffed up" service is like. I have fired them off an email
and picture substantiating my claim.

Its no biggy just frustrating  :help: haha 

Well shoot, that's a bit of a disappointment! 

I have a Dano Hodad 12-string (3 pickup) and a Hodad Baritone converted to 6-string bass, if the difference is dramatic I might be interested, not least to get RWRP noiseless positions.
I recieved this email this morning 1am


  We apologize for the error. I've forwarded a copy of this email to
Dave in our warehouse. He'll be more than happy to take care of you.

  If you'd like to check on the status of this just email him directly
at dave@guitarfetish.com.



I had to check which pickup was reverse by using my acoustic soundhole pickup as well
so i had some way of telling which of these pair were RW/RP and it was the strat one
so thats a bit of a bonus for when i use it in another build.


Quik update

i recieved the pickup today and it was for Danelctro  :cool01:

Buuuuut it wasnt RWRP like i ordered, bloody heck how frustrating is this.

Just fired off another email, waiting waiting waiting  :help:

Good news is wife just authorised a new build so watch out Warmoth i am watching your showcase  :toothy12:
I've ordered a couple times from GF and they're pretty good.  Mistakes happen.  Are they letting you keep the Strat one they sent you?  Because that's pretty generous  :icon_thumright:
A free $30 pickup aint that generous but its good business principle to let it ride. Having said that the strat pup has never been mentioned
and wasnt asked for return and if it was i wouldnt be paying the postage from Australia to return it so i guess
its easier for them to let it ride. I am quite willing to return both pups that are wrong orders and they pay the freight.

Mistakes do happen its human nature and i have no fight with them, but a simple test of the pickup thats in the box before shipping would have revealed it was the wrong pickup. Its very easy to test polarity and it takes seconds, same as doing a visual on a pickup and noting that its for a strat not a danelctro.

I havent given up and aint even crapped off about it, i just want to have the guitar finished with the correct parts i ordered.


Having said that i may just wire these in series and be done with it  :sign13:

Just fired them an email not to worry about it, alls cool i will do the above.
tfarny said:
They won't be hum cancelling though.

Yeah i know, but its the way Danos are wired originally.
Can only try, see what it sounds like, if not wire it like a tele i guess.  :dontknow:

Still have the original pups to put back in it if alls not well

Have got as far as stripping the guitar and mounting the pickups



Its turned into a rebuild, just cant help myself.