Pickups for Baritone Guitar


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I was thinking about starting a baritone project and I was wondering if a bass pickup would be cool or at all sound good.  I've been thinking about a configuration involving 3 EMGs.  An 85 in the neck and an 81 and an EMG HB (Bass pickup in guitar humbucker housing) in the middle and bridge postitions.

What do you guys think?
Don't think I understand the concept; have never seen anybody install a bass PU on a guitar; is there something out there on the market or is this something you dreamed up?
EMG makes a bass pickup that is in a guitar humbucker-sized housing. It's intended for basses with a narrow string-spread.
I want to use an EMG 85 and 81 in the baritone for sure.
What I was wondering was,  what would the tonal possibilities be for a bass pickup in a baritone guitar?  Basically I just wanted a little something extra, so I was wondering if anybody had ever seen or played a baritone with a bass pickup in it before.
I have an 8 string Warr guitar, which has Bartolini's in it.  I play some stuff that I would play on a baritone guitar on it, and they sound great.  I can get good distortion sounds, clean, whatever.  I'm sure the EMG's would sound good as well.
just get two humbucker routes, and try the bass pu first, then if you like it, make a third third route, or get all three if you plan on getting a stat, or something that has a pick guard. it will all work together, id suggest going with an 18v setup, and it would be cool to use a preamp in conjunction with the bass pup, and some emg guitar mods with the 85 and 81, like an afterburner or a phase shift. or a resonants cut or boost.

they use regular guitar pups with a baritone, so i don't see why a bass pup would hurt, and les claypool has a super narrow neck 6 string bass with incredibly light gauge strings, so its pretty much one step up for a baritone guitar, and he has emg bass dc's in it.

i always wanted to get a super long scale baritone with a wide neck, put ultra heavy strings on it, tune it like a six string bass, and use bass pups.
Cool idea, it could sound awesome especially if you go ballsy and use heavy strings. 14-80 set-- hell yes. The meaty low strings could really bring the bass pup out.

I like the 3 pickup strat idea, put the bass pup in the middle.
I think I'm gonna go with a baritone Flying V.  I'm gonna try to make the body myself and use a '67 V pickguard. 
nathan a, I would definitely use some heavy-ass strings.
right now, this is kind of a pipe dream, 'cause I don't have much money at the moment... and I really want to work on my 12-string project first... dammit, with Warmoth, I'll probably be broke my entire life.
thanks for the input, guys.
Honestly, this idea of a 3 pickup baritone with a bass pup in the middle has me really thinking... I'd be interested in doing something like that, eventually. I'd want to look into more thin-string-spacing bass pickups.

For the standard pups, I like the two humbuckers idea, I'd do a duncan jazz in the neck, and.. who knows in the bridge. Always wanted to try out gibson's tony iommi humbucker.
I was looking at the Rio Grande bass pups and it looks like their humbucking bass pups are pretty narrow too.  I wonder if they are in a standard housing like the EMGs?