Pickup Suggestions!!!


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I'm looking for a bridge pickup for a classic rock kind of sound. Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton. Something with good mids and lows. Ideally low strength magnets. (I'm trying to see if pickups have any impact on sustain. This is a one pickup guitar). A trembucker would be great but I could probably make a Gibson PAF size work. I don't want anything active.
The only effect I ever (mostly) use is reverb. It would be clean channel 100% of the time. The amp I use most is a Stage Right 15W all tube amp. I have a $200 budget.

Let me know if you have any ideas!


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So you want to sound like Carlos Santana or Eric Clapton.  Have you looked at the pick ups they used?  I'm pretty sure this kind of info is available on the internet.

If I had to pick a theme I'd be looking at vintage output humbuckers or strat pups.  Go over to the dimarzio website and they break it down like that.

The 36th Anniversary hums are a good set, and for strat area 58, 61 or 67


This is a well trodden path. I wouldn't stray far from PAF's. Pick your poison from the budget allocated.

After that look at speakers. After watching a bunch of Johan Segeborn videos I've about decided that everything between Johan and Speakers almost doesn't matter. First and Last stages are most important