Pickup On/Off Switch (DPDT) connections


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I'm a bit miffed about the connections for wiring an on/off switch (Jaguar slide style) for a pickup.  Guitar has 2 pickups.  Each has it's own on/off switch and it's own volume control. Does it matter if the on/off comes before or after the volume pot? And where do the connections get soldered?

What do I need to do in the diagram to make it work [slide in the up position is Pickup on, slide in the down position is pickup off]. The wiring sites I've looked at so far don't explain what's input and output..for idiots like me :p



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It won't work as you've drawn it, the green wire should go to pin #4.

In the up position, pin 5 is connected to pin 4, and pin 2 is connected to pin 1.  In the down position, pin 5 is connected to pin 6 and pin 2 is connected to pin 3.  Hope that helps!  :)
That could come either before or after the volume, it shouldn't make a difference as long as the volume controls only that ONE pickup. If it's a master volume, the switch needs to come before. Can you explain what you mean by "where the connections get soldered?" - not sure what you're talking about, exactly.
Here's a little info from Stewmac on DPDT's.  Hope it helps!
The "jumpered" lugs are the ones that get connected when the switch is in that position.  So moving Grey to 2 or Green to 4 will work.



tfarny said:
Can you explain what you mean by "where the connections get soldered?" - not sure what you're talking about, exactly.

I'm not sure which lug I need to connect the pickup wire to, and which lug to connect the output wire to the volume pot, and if I need to crossover from one to the other. I haven't found any info that makes sense to me on this.  After looking at the diagrams blue313 posted, i think it's starting to make sense.  From what's been said above, I basically need to have the wires connect on the same side, or have a crossover wire connecting them together?

I've attached the jaguar wiring schema for the lower switches. 


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When the switch is to one side it will connect the the center lugs (2 and 5) to the lugs directly below the switch tip (2 to 1 OR 3, 5 to 4 OR 6).  Lug 2 can ONLY be connected to 1 or 3 using just the switch.  So if your pup lead is on 3 and the switch is on the opposite side (toward lug 1) it'll be electrically open since nothing is on lug 1 (a.k.a. the pickup will be off).

Green wire is the Neck pickup , Blue is the Bridge pickup, and the center skinny wire is the output from pickups 1 and 2 coming out of the switch.  Switch 3 will either be straight output (switch to the left) or output through that capacitor (switch to the right).  White wire is the main output to the pots.

If the switches are set to the right ,as looking from the bottom of the switch like the diagram,  both pickups will be on and the output will be through the capacitor. 


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I don't know what blue313 just said but it confused the hell out of me.  So I'm going to advise you to ignore him.  :eek:

The black spots in the diagram you just posted are where you need to solder.  For your convenience I put huge red dots on them below.  The spots where there are no dots are NOT connected.  You are correct that you need to stick to one side of the switch.  You could use some jumpers to "cross over" but that's pointless.


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Didn't mean be confusing or to go on too much about switching.  If thats what I accomplished, then I apologize.  DBW simplified it nicely though.