pickup mounting holes

red king

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Hey Fellas

I just got my Rio Grande Texas / BBQ set of pickups today, and I tried mounting the pickups on the mounting rings, however, two of the holes bored out for mounting the pickups (one on each pickup) appear to need reaming / drilling out to fit the mounting screws that were supplied.  In fact, I stripped the hell out of one of the screws!  :help:

Anyone know what size of drill bit is needed to open up the holes to the proper size without making them too big?


This does not compute to me... The tabs on the bottom of TX/BBQs are kind of a waxy composite cardboard akin to the older "grey bottom" Fender SC pickups, don't understand how you could strip the screw? Try screwing the screw through once to make the threads BEFORE you mount in the rings?
Hi Jack

The tabs don't appear to be cardboard - they appear to be metal to me.  I did try threading the screws before mounting, however, as I mentioned, two of the holes are just too tight and i can't turn the mounting screw through the hole past the first couple of threads.


Didn't know which covers you had...  If you ream them out, you'll need to go to the hardware store and buy some little nuts; had an issue mounting a Megaswitch and had to do the same thing as the holes wouldn't line up. Any Ace/TrueValue or similar hardware store has teeny little nuts that will fit the threads on std. pickup or selector switch mounting screws, don't remember the numerical size, just take a screw with you. To drill the hole, just slide the screw into your bit set till you find the right size, at work and don't have access to try right now
I think the bit you need is a #36 which corresponds to a 6-32 screw. You can get a drill bit and tap in a package together, then all you need is a handle for the tap. If you're handy with a screw gun then you can just set the clutch low and use the drill to run the tap after drilling. Oh, and its always good to put a little wax on the tap.