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From what I've gathered, Rio Grande pickups are rather inexpensive and have a great SRV (maybe even Hendrix as an extension) sound. I love SRV. I also love Eric Johnson. They both played Strats, but I'm not thinking that Rio Grandes would get an EJ sort of tone. Therefore: Would Rio Grandes work, or should I go for another neck pickup? If another pickup type is the way to go, which should I go for?  :icon_scratch:
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Rio Grandes are not really in the "inexpensive" category.

If you're wanting a Hendrix/SRV/EJ type sound it's as much playing technique, effects chain and tube amplification that gets you "that" sound as pickups. You can use the Rio Grandes, FCS SRV Texas Specials or Fat 50's, Lace sensors or Kinman overwound vintage and get that tone if you know how to play that way and are plugged into the right accoutrements....
I thought the Rio Grandes were the most expensive pickups I've ever seen. Are there more expensive wire-wrapped magnets somewhere else? If you want to sound like SRV or Hendrix, it's all in the skills.  No pickup can take you to that place.  I'm really happy with my GFS "Premium Alnico Strat" pickups, $60 for the set. If you can already play like SRV or Hendrix, these will get you close enough sound-wise.
Rio Grande's can most definitely get you into the Eric Johnson range.  I have the Mid Bottom Set, and that Halfbreed pickup fed into a dimed AC30 with the mids and presence on 3 o'clock and the bass and treble on 9 o'clock has that sweet power tube saturation that we all love.  Roll back the tone knob on the bridge pickup, and it definitely has an Eric Johnson vibe.  Rose likey. :toothy12:
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