Pickguard screw holes


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I guess I’ve been lucky to this point. Years of playing, messing with, and building guitars, and I’ve never had to fill and re-drill screw holes for a Strat pickguard… until now.
So, for those of you who have, are there any products you recommend, or recommend against using for this? Your input is appreciated.
I tape the PG on and use a hinge bit. It’s a drill bit inside a spring-loaded tip that helps it self-center. Measure and tape off the tip so to din’t go too far down.

Duckbaloo ... you are a genius. I've just been eyeballing it and let fly. This method is 10 times better. As to what do if there's goof, not an issue for me as the pickguard will cover up. In the one time there was a misstep, I just put in a thick toothpick, glued and redrilled.