Pickguard Recommendations to Match Binding


I've ordered a candy apple red telecaster with white double binding. Warmoth states the color changes to a light cream color when the baseboard is applied. Should I order a white pickguard or parchment to match? Thanks!
Another white pearl here. Remember Candy apple has that automotive shine to it, it'll want to be blingy. Second, would be a gloss white. I wouldn't consider any others. Red pearl would be too matchy.
My question was how white is the white binding after the body base coat? They say the binding takes on a cream color. Anybody have experience with Warmoth's white binding color? I'm concerned a pure white pickguard won't match.
I would head for a parchment color as the yellowing of the urethane top coat will not be as white as the white of the pickguard.
Either white pearl or parchment, depending on preference, I think would be the best bets.
Hey BobR, which did you choose?
Nothing yet lol. I'm waiting for the body which is due in mid to late December. Then I'll see the color of the binding, Once I get the body i'll start a thread on the build. But just as a tease I'll say the pickups are 1968 Tele reproductions from Monty's guitar in London. Titanium saddles, fat boy 0.090 control plate, input jack cup, and neck plate from Rockrabbit. All other hardware is nickel plated which matches the polished titanium.
I understand your concerns about the yellow tint that binding can be up against a bright white pick guard. Vintage pearl may be a closer match.
You’re wise to wait.
It’s gonna be a purdy one!