Pickguard on Diamondback


Pickguard Planet has this pickguard available for the ESP Viper. I contacted them and they have never done a pickguard for a Warmoth Diamondback and do not know if the ESP Viper one will fit. This is close enough to the design of the one I would want. I don't have the necessary tools to bevel the edge and am not confident enough with a coping saw to try cutting it out myself anyway.

Can anyone confirm if the Viper and Diamondback are close enough for this to work?

Have any of you used a pickguard on a Diamondback? Where did you get it from?

Screenshot 2023-01-19 131258.png
I did this:


I designed it myself and had it printed and cut by Tim at Gig.ink

I could send you a .pdf of the outline if that would be useful - I'm sure you could work out single-sided version using it as a starting point.
I would greatly appreciate the PDF, and thanks for the link. I'll use yours as a starting point. I'll have to knock out space for the mounting rings. I may actually just print yours, trace the mounting rings on the sheet and scan it.
It can be public domain. Versions for covered and open humbuckers.


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