Pickguard for Warmoth Jazzmaster, will a Fender PG fit?


I know Warmoth says their PG is not meant for a Fender, but is that just the screw holes or is it a more fundamental missmatch?

I have a Warmoth Jazzmaster body and I plan on setting it up with the following:

One neck pickup, a Mojo WRHB-sized gold foil humbucker pickup with coil splitting. https://www.mojopickups.co.uk/product/wide-range-dual-foil-humbucker-gold-foil/

Volume and tone using the thumb wheels rather than traditional knobs and a toggle switch on lower horn to use the coil splitting. From the Warmoth site, these options are not available and custom shops want a template for the Warmoth shape.

I also wanted it made out of Bakelite (not a Warmoth option).

Any suggestions, short of buying a Warmoth PG and sending it as a template to a custom shop?

Not jazzmaster, but take a look at this ...


Bottom line ...

The fender pickguard would've worked, but the warmoth fit like a glove on the warmoth body.

For the jazzmaster there are places that already have the warmoth pickguard template, you just need to google them.  I remember one that made a nice anodized aluminium pickguard.  I have to say, that some of the Warmoth pickguard materials are pretty good.
It's more a thing with the various parts fitting together. If it's a one-piece 'guard, you're probably ok. But, if you want those chrome sub-plates to fit together - it's a bit tougher. It can be made to work, but you're going to have to work at it - probably a lot more than you'd want to do. If it were me, I wouldn't do it. Chances of failure are high.

Same with the tailpiece.

Single-source that stuff, and you'll be fine.
Had the same issue with this one ...