Peavey Wolfgang Trem fit in OFR route????


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I want to build a Soloist to replace my Wolfgang as a better fit for my main guitar.  The Wolfgang is nice, but I find the un-countoured body (it is a Wolfgang Special, USA-built)uncomfortable.  I also never really liked the body shape and the pickups never grew on me.  I have found that I can probably sell the guitar for more as parts than as a complete unit.  With that in mind I am wondering about the trem.

I use the drop-D capability of the guitar a lot, so I will need to have that on the Soloist.  I had planned on using an OFR or a Gotoh Floyd with the D-Tuna and a Tremol-no, but I am wondering if I could just re-use the Peavey-licensed Floyd with the D-Tuna.  Has anyone used one of these trems on a Warmoth build?  I am still waffling on whether I want to go with the OFR or not simply because I somewhat prefer how solid they feel, but I am growing more comfortable with the Peavey.  I'd like to know if this could work.  It seems silly to sell the trem and spend about the same amount of money on an OFR and D-Tuna.  I thought I even heard somewhere that the Peavey is manufactured by Gotoh and it seems to be a pretty solid unit.  If anyone has any information, I would really appreciate it.