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It would be great for those who like to paint their guitars themselves, to be able to order the paint and clearcoat supplies directly from warmoth, with the guitar itself. Has paint been sold by warmoth before? Maybe an option for the future?
I know through the grapevine, this being the vine, that warmoth is so swamped with other things that , you will personally have to drive up there and open their hazardous chemicles division for them. I bet they would be glad to have you. Don't forget to stop on your way at DEQ and probably DHS.

You gotta get in line with the things you wish Warmoth would do, your behind the guys who want 7/8 scale bodies, warhead neck, something about rounded heels on bass guitars, teloist.  next time you come to this forum click on show all unread posts since last visit, you will see where your paint scheme is at in line.

But you know what, I wish they would sell paints and chemicles too, so I really am pulling for you, I didn't mean to sound like CB here :icon_tongue:
Just kidding CB    Sorry....
I've looked through the "grapevine", and I know they're swamped. I didn't really ask for your comentary on where I stand in warmoth's things to do, or job listings at warmoth, but...thank u? lol. This IS the suggestion box, and I had a suggestion. Simple enough. However, I am glad you agree.
Actually, Alfang answered pretty accurately.

Paint is considered a hazardous material with different shipping requirements.  We're working full steam ahead and dealing with the administrative issues of shipping paint is not on the top of the list.

Also, some paints are custom mixes.  There would be no guarantee one batch would be absolutely identical to another batch.  That could be quite frustrating if one decided to do multiple instruments with different paint orders.

Have you checked out  They carry nitro based finishing materials.

Alfang said:
I didn't mean to sound like CB here :icon_tongue:
Just kidding CB    Sorry....

You forgot to say the magic word:  Deft

There are more folks than me that swear by it.  Walmart.  About $4.50 a can, think... 8 cans, 10 cans... depending on what you want and how many mistakes you make, and how you screw up the wood prep.

The other magic word:  Mohawk

They make nitro based toner (transparent) aerosols, and opaque nitro color coats.  Just amazing stuff, and good to work with too.