Padouk Musiclander


I ordered this neck and body a few years ago.  I had the guitar put together by a tech friend of mine.  There are a few things I'm planning on changing and some things I would have done differently.  First, the EMG pickups are too much (in my opinion) and will replaced with Dimarzio pickups someday (hopefully soon).  The Padouk is nice, but not very practical.  I play quite regularly and I worry about the lack of finish so I play my Parker more often, as I'm sure it can take the abuse.  The placement of the strap pins is not ideal and tends to hang neck heavy.  Perhaps moving them to a different location would be more beneficial.

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

- Padouk Musiclander custom 24 3/4 scale body (natural/unfinished)
- Contoured heel
- Arm/Tummy Contours
- Angled neck pocket
- Gotoh TOM and tail piece

- Padouk/Rosewood Warmoth custom 24 3/4 scale neck (natural/unfinished)
- Compound radius
- 24 frets
- Schaller Mini Locking Tuners
- SRV back contour
- Abalone inlays
- Stainless Steel 6105 frets


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Thanks for sharing John! Looks really cool and unique. I suppose you could put an oil finish on it without too much trouble and change the pickups, but I don't know that much about the strap button placement. On another thread, someone mentioned stuffing pennies inside the control cavity? Good luck with it and again, appreciate the pics!
I love that! I have a Tele with a padauk neck and top. I wanted to protect it but keep the raw look so I used Danish oil with no other preparation apart from rubbing it with 0000 steel wool. I waxed it with carnauba once it had dried (about a week) and that's it. After more than a year it looks exactly like it did when i first did it.
As for the strap buttons......consider these locations :icon_thumright:


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Thank you so much for posting pics of that beautiful instrument.  This is weird because that is exactly the body and neck I'm using to build my dream guitar.  Now I get to see what the two look like together.  And I was right!  It's amazing.  I'm planning to use black korina for the body and birdseye maple for the neck.  I'm wondering what the weight difference is between the black korina and padouk, and if that might help mine not be top heavy.  That's one thing I want to avoid.  I have a baritone that takes a nose dive everytime I take my hand off the neck and it drives me crazy.  Let us know if the strap button placement willyk suggested helps with that.  Again, awesome guitar.  I wish I were getting mine today!
That is a really cool guitar. It's nice to see something a little more unique.
Really cool! I think it comes off very well. I could really see this build with a headless neck. Hmmm....

Sweet build sir!