Orange Crush 15

Mr. E.

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Just a quick thumbs up to the Orange Crush 15 I just bought. I was looking for a small practice/bedroom/headphone amp that still had good tone and could overdrive at a reasonable volume. Wow! This thing is incredible, great sounding, ligt weight, simple, and the orange color is too cool.


When I start shopping around for a gigging amp, I'm definitely keeping Orange in the running (I'd previously settled on a Hiwatt, but now...)


Yeah, Orange amps are f*cking amazing...

That's all I've got to say about that.  :laughing7:
I personally just like the icons.  Especially the "fist" control.

"Yo Dave"
"Give me more of this on the guitar" (raises hand in a fist)
"eerrrrr.... uhhhh..... oh!  ok!  no problem!" (turns knob)