Opinions on neck requested (just can't make up my mind)

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Hi, Have been on the look out for a neck for a while now. Well I thought I'd seen the perfect one on the showcase and I was all set to pull the trigger come payday. Payday came, logged on to check my neck was still there before making the call, and the good folks at Warmoth had gone and added an almost identical neck for the exact same price. Now I spend hours clicking from one to the other trying to figure out which one I like more.
Conclusion................I just can't choose and It's getting to the point were I know I'm going to sit here undecided until they both get sold and I have no alternative but to cut off my own head.
If anyone would be so good as to take a look and give me there honest opinion on which one they prefer it would save my wife the task of cleaning my blood off the walls, we would both be very grateful.
Just wanted to add, the neck will be getting a floyd nut and maybe a quilt peghead vaneer.
Hate to break it to you; but you can't ADD a veneer to a Showcase neck, so maybe that will help you decide; I don't recall ever seeing a birdseye/birdseye with different veneer on peghead, if that's what you really want you'll have to custom order it.

That being said; from going back and forth between the two necks I'll be damned if I can see that either is superior to the other in terms of grain/figuring/whatever; flip a coin?

Consider yourself lucky; every time I can't make up my mind and it gets sold before I pull the trigger there's never an exact dupe to fall back to...
I guess 4563 is probably the most uniformed figured. I'll tell you that is indeed a tough call. BB in SC
4563, but they both look nice. It's easier to decide when it's not your money!
4556. The birdseyes look nicer to me, and there's more on the fingerboard (which I like). They're also bigger.

I prefer the color of 4563. If it were me, I'd do 4556 with a vintage tint gloss
Many thanks for the advice everyone, Its more than appriciated. It looks like SN4563 is the more popular choice. Thanks again for the help.