Opinions on my pickup selection


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I'm getting a tele body with a seymourized mini-humbucker at the neck and the S.D. Little '59.  I'm set on the mini-hum but I'm not sure if the little '59 is a good match.  I'm going for a jazzy sound that can also rock out and I find that regular hums are to thick and muddy for me. 

Any thoughts from those that come before me........?

Suds :blob7:
Hey Suds.

I've got a regular 59 in the neck of my Les Paul, and its great. Jazzy when required, and rocky when you want.

My friends brother Glen put a 'lil 59 in the neck of his strat as an xmas present to himself ( he's got a JB Jr in the bridge). Both are great, Dont wanna make too many comparisons as they are different woods, shapes, construction styles etc. either way they are much beefier than a regular strat but still with good definition.

The only real way you'll know is if you.
hope that helps.

Suds, I've got the lil59 for tele bridge in my warmoth. I don't think it's a jazzy pickup at all, though it isn't muddy either. In fact I don't think it sounds anything like a PAF. It's a fairly high output, trebly (for a hb) thing. Great for rock but not all that versatile, what I mean is that it doesn't clean up all that well. I'm surprised you're wanting the 'seymourized' mini hb too, for jazz it seems like you'd go for the vintage mini hb.
What I'd be thinking of, is getting a rocking bridge pup (like the lil 59) and a smooth, mellow neck pup (like a vintage-wind mini HB), that would probably give you the ability to go from smooth and jazzy to rocking out.