on-site selection


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i guess this is mainly for gregg but someone else might know. can a customer visit the company in wa and select their body, neck, fretboard, etc.?
Allowing the public into a working woodshop would be very popular with the lawyers.
Tacoma had tours
Martin has tours
Ovation has tours
Hamer has tours

Check out the slide show.


I'm pretty sure hell would freeze over, if it were me, if I let people into my shop to choose wood, unless they were an extremely special customer.  I think they may have other reasons.  Trade secrets?  Don't want to be bothered with work flow interruptions. Tours would seem to be a doable thing, but they have their reasons.
I just built a guitar for a buddy, who drove to puyallop, went to warmoth, bought the body. Handed it to me and ordered a neck (Warmoth) and I assembled his guitar for him. It's a beautifull Black alder body with a red perloid pickguard and a stupid reverse headstock strat neck.

He had the body for a while before I got it