on honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. looking for instruments

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Hey everyone.

Right now I'm in mexico on my honeymoon and I'm looking for a place to look at local instruments and I have no idea where to look.  We've already found a CD store that had about a dozen guitars for sale (only one of which i would've considered buying, it was a Red Gibby SG for about 1600 USD. but id rather get a warmoth)  I'm looking for anywhere that I can get mandolins and that sort of stuff.  Local instruments.. I might just want to take something home.

So if any of you here live in Puerto Vallarta or have been here and know where i can look. please lemme know.
Congrats on your wedding! :)
weren't you the one that was engaged to the hot singer in your band ? and didn't you post videos of her a couple of months ago? ;)
in that case, double congratulations! :) 
I have been with my wife for over ten years, and we were good friends for seven or eight before that.  I still love her, in part because she understands my obsessions with certain things, instruments being one.  She lets me get away with just about anything I want, but let me tell you, if I were shopping for instruments on our honeymoon, the authorities would have found me floating in some local body of water!!!!
+1 what 'louie said.....lose the computer, grab a bottle of tequila and start makin' music without a guitar.  :eek:ccasion14:
.... There's gonna be an organ joke in this thread someplace.... I just know it!
Don't know, but if you want to carry a body with on a ganga vacation to Jamaica I can hook you up with a guy that will carve anything you can dream up into the body....