Ok, shoot me down on this neck finish...


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I've got a neck here... all maple... that I want to finish, and thought I'd try something a little bit different, mostly because I liked it on the ash thinline I did a bit ago.

What I was thinking... was to put some Zinsser amber Bullseye Shellac on the neck as a seal/wash/color coat.  This would be a really thin sort of wash, that also added just a touch of color.  Then over that, my normal routine of lacquer.

I liked the shellac under lacquer on the thinline, and I'm convinced it prevented a lot of seep in/shrink in of the lacquer into the wood, which can happen even on maple.

So... shoot me down on this.

To make it worse, was thinking of perhaps two coats of clear shellac on just the skunkstripe area, then amber, then lacquer.

Whats yer thoughts there folks?
I like shellac under lacquer also. Gives more of a warmly aged look, rather than an "I just rubbed some dye on here to fake an aged look" look.
If that makes sense.
Well.. ash vs maple for one.  Body vs neck for another. 

I was really amazed ... that the body didn't have a whole lot of shrink down of the lacquer, even with filling.  I dunno, I expected it, and maybe it was just the filling, or maybe it was the shellac as a sealer.  Maybe both.

Too late.  Necks been started.<gg>  Fresh can of shellac (12/7/07 date... dats fresh!).
Bad lighting, the neck is not this color (its just a little less amber)... but look at that wood they used....FOR SHAME!!~~~~

You'd think, for the prices those blokes up in Washington soak ya for a neck, they could at least use some nice straight grained lumber, not that ol' curly-cue wood they got layin' round out back!!!!