oil finish burst??


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ok so i'm refinishing an old ibanez with an alder body and decided to go with some boiled linseed oil which is majestic by the way but i was wonder if any of you know a way to do a burst with an oil finish.  i was thinking about doing a burst before i started applying the oil and decided to go with the linseed but now i'm wondering how it would look if i could add a burst to it but with natural edges.... :toothy11:  or even just info on if i can use a different type of oil with it as a tougher top coat....don't want any wierd reactions goin on... :icon_scratch:
are you considering oil finish for burst because you don't want to use the spray?  if so, I've used oil based wood stains and hand-stained the burst with a pretty good result.  I assume you can use any oil finish over it.  tru-oil seems like a really tough oil varnish.
yep pretty much.  i really don't have the option of using a spray since i live in such a small space and wouldn't have adequate ventilation for it.  i'd love to have an oil finished burst but i haven't seen any colored oils online to do it with.  if i could get my hands on some type of black oil or even any other really rich coloring i'd be just fine.  i've already used boiled linseed oil as the base and love the way that looks, but like i said i can't seem to find anything for the second stage of the finish :-\
you'll have a better luck with using stains than tinted oil varnish.  for the base coat, use something yellow-ish, then stain the burst around the guitar with walnut.
What sort of pickguard is that?  Kinda funky... in a good way  :icon_thumright:
it's the stock pickguard for the old RTs and it's how i recognized the axe.  i love that thing....but how good it looks changes greatly with the finish.....at first that old, chipped finish had it lookin just plain akward but i'd been looking for these guitars for some time so i got it anyway :)
it's some nifty lil pickguard trick they do with what appears to be copper foil but lighter, like gold  under a cheetah/tortise guard.... i wanna put it up in a gallery but it's not a warmoth so..... :(  i don't even know where to post it. haha