Nut Width for Finger Picking


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Hey Guys,

Back again - I finally ordered my neck and ordered the wrong fret size. The order hasn't been processed yet so hopefully I won't get the $45 change order fee but I figured if I am going to get it, I may want to look it over one more time.

I ordered the 1-5/8th b/c of the fat boatneck back but would the 1-11/16th make a big difference if I am going to be finger-picking mostly?

I measured my acoustic and it has a 1-6/8th nut. If I wanted another acoustic I would have bought another acoustic, (I don't want it that wide) but I would still love to pick easily.

Any thoughts?


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It depends a lot on your finger size which you don't mention. Most acoustics intended to be fingerpicked are 1 3/4" nut, but that is pretty wide on an electric. Hard to give advice since this is a really individual decision. I, personally, find it hard to fingerpick on a 1 5/8 neck. I have moderately big hands though.

Patrick from Davis

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While the width at the nut is important, you really should look into the width of the bridge where your finger picking will happen.  I don't really know much about that kinda detail because I generally go for a standard bridge.  The difference between a 1 3/4 and a 1 5/8 neck is 1/8 of an inch.  I am not going to do the trig, but 25 inches of hypotenuse is going to make a 1/8th inch difference in neck width rather minor to your picking hand.  Or so I would guess.



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I agree with Patrick... the 1/8 inch difference really only affects your left hand noticeably.  Probably not going to slow down your picking.

That said, it's VERY noticeable on the left hand, so if you're an acoustic player, you might not like a 1-5/8" nut.  They're a bit narrow for me...

I have an 1-5/8 electric, a 1-11/16 electric, a 1-11/16 acoustic, and a 1-3/4 acoustic.  I like the 1-11/16 best.  My advice is go to Guitar Center with a ruler and figure out which necks you like to play on and which you don't...