Now That The Magic Has Gone - Cover


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My duopartner and I have discovered and recently recorded a new, good fitting Coversong "Now That The Magic Has Gone" from John Miles.

The original studio version has a much slower and more bluesy tempo compared to the by far more popular version from Joe Cocker.

I consider our cover version somewhere in between. And during the recording/mixing/mastering process it has got a bit of our own flavor too.

Honestly speaking: I didn't know that much about John Miles before we started our cover project - with the exception that he was the composer & singer of his one-hit-wonder "Music" from the seventies.

But he is/was by far more than that:

In the past he has gained all lot of reputation in the music industry for being a highly in demand studio musician (Abbey Road Studios, Alan Parsons Project), songwriter, multi instrumentalist (vocals, guitar, keys), musical director and touring musician with artist and bands like Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones and Elton John to name a few.

To me, he is a music giant out of the rather inconspicuous second row of the music industry.

We recorded all the instrument tracks (bass, Drums, A-Piano, Organ, Strings, Synth-keys) and vocals part on our own.

The guitar parts were recorded with my Godin Progression (rhythm part) with the middle pickup. The Fill-ins and lead parts were done with my Warmoth H-S-H.

I have used my Marshall JVM410 for the guitar recordings on the OD1-channel in the Orange-Mode with super less gain 2/10.

In front of the amp is a Tube Sreamer and a Noisegate from my Fractal FX8 MultiFX. The rest of the sound comes from the Cubase-DAW.

The last chorus was a bit tricky for me on the guitar side: I have tried to play a mix of Fill-Ins, supportive melody line and lead parts as well without displacing the vocal lead line.

The Mixing and Mastering was done now the second time with iZotope-products (Ozon, Nectar, Neutron) and I have to say that I am pretty enthusiastic about it. There are lots of good presets which can be considered as a good starting point to go from.
I have also used two new reverb plugins: TAL-Reverb-4 and Orivil River Reverb. Both are free of charge with low CPU usage. I can recommend them.

Due to a lack of time we haven't made any video footage during the recordings.

What do you think about our new cover song ?

Have fun while listening / watching

wolbai  :icon_thumright: :guitaristgif:

I like it a lot. Good playing, there. Nice balance between guitar and voice.
Rgand - thank you for your favorable feedback  :icon_thumright:

I think my duopartner has done a pretty good job. And the overall tonal balance of the song is on a good level.

Yeah, playing Fill-Ins in the right amount and at the right place can be sometimes more challenging than a longer solo part.
And the Fill-Ins have to complement the vocal line in a pleasant way.