Not tweed, but close


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I call this a "tweedish" Deluxe, since its based on the tweed 5E3, but not exactly the same.  Its been modded to fixed bias, some other minor tweaks.  Much thought in the design stages resulted in a very nice amp indeed!


The complete (or nearly so) chassis


Here's the amp.  You can see the "cap" for getting in there and adjusting the bias.  Take the cap off, screwdriver in the hole, and twiddle the pot.  When done, put the cap back in.  That cabinet I got from Weber, and it needed more work to complete than it was worth, but its ok once reworked.  The outside was the right size, but the INSIDE was way too small since they used material that was too thick.  They used half inch thick rear panels and front panels and front baffle.  Well that adds up to a full inch and a half from the outer size.  The rear should be 1/4, the front 1/4, and the baffle 5/16.  I had to make a new baffle and carefully rework the back panels and route a bit out of the baffle to use the transformers Weber suggested.  The whole thing was a LOT of work.  Making a box myself would have been way easier than reworking one of Webers.  Go with Mojo... much better, and absolutely correct.


A family shot - you see the tweedish Deluxe, 62 Princeton, Hot Rod Champ (another build of mine) and 68 Deluxe Reverb.  There's also the power brake of my own design and build, using an unique inductave/reactive load without actually using a moving coil.  It has line and instrument level outputs too.

The tweedish Deluxe came out nice.  So nice, a customer in my day job tried it out, and said I couldn't have it back.  Instead, he bought me this:


Token of his guilt for "stealing" my amp!  I like the Gibson LP though.  I used to hate em, but they're not so bad.  And have enough of the same stuff to make only one more exactly like that amp... and its MINE!
I bet you get some great tone out of those amps, but hey why no marshalls?
Well... good question.  The only Marshall I'd consider is the JTM-45, and thats essentially a 59 Bassman, with different output transformer (courtesy Radio Spares).  I suppose the truth is, I'm really happy with the tones so far, so no need to wander.  Plus, its Leo's ghost that been doggin' me.  Jim's still with us.. most fortunately.