"No, Warmoth can choose for me."

Max Headroom

Curious if anyone has had experience with the "No, Warmoth can choose for me" option for a quilt maple top? How good are they at their selections? I know I can choose my own but at a significant extra cost that I am not really willing to pay that much for, especially with the poor exchange rate and shipping costs to Canada.

Thanks in advance.
I "let warmoth choose" the 3a maple neck i used to build my VIP.. they did not disappoint.

Screenshot_20230104_190334_Samsung Internet.jpg

Pi²cs do not do all that much justice. It reminds me of something prs would use.

The flame from everywhere but straight on back and straight on front is insane.

Those 2 views are a bit subdued. I like the effect overall. It looks like plain maple until it doesn't. I think I got lucky though.

Screenshot_20230104_191251_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20230104_191242_Samsung Internet.jpg
Here, you can see the effect. The fretboard flame viewed from playing position is pretty intense.

"Warmoth choice" bodies seem to be hit or miss from what I've seen.

For a top, I think i would spend the scratch and get what I want.
For necks, I'd let them choose unless I wanted something super specific
it not too bad , many said better than expected few year ago .

but this year as Lack of lumber made prices soar , Not so sure now.

you can ref to Show case page , I believe you will get the one mark for "nice quilt maple top "

will NOT get the one mark for "Exotic or Very hight grade quilt maple top "
For a quilt maple top, because the figuring can be so different from piece to piece, probably best to pick it out, though I've seen warmoth picked pieces that are nice. Probably better luck with necks and fretboards.
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