NGD: Cort Triggs TRG-1 (non-Warmoth)


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It's been about two decades since I had an archtop/f-holed guitar, and I've only ever had an acoustic.  Was casually perusing for a few weeks until this caught my eye:

For a lower-end guitar, it's a great value - build quality, design, sound and playability are all great.
For $320, how could I say no?

Didn't take long for me to realize why jazz guitarists don't use bends and vibrato - after a couple weeks of playing it my ulnar nerve starting pinching.  I'm going to have to either put lighter strings on this and use it as a rockabilly-sort of guitar, tune down a bit, or just restrain myself and not use so much left hand technique.  I'm looking forward to exploring this guitar further - I think it will be helpful in exploring "tone-in-the-hands" in a different way from my other guitars, which are all solid bodies. 

I'm not straight-ahead jazz player (can't really be considered a jazz player by any stretch of the imagination) so I'm not committed to traditional jazz tones.  Considering adding a high-pass filter to get more options out of the single neck pickup.  Or I might upgrade the neck pickup with something hotter and/or can switch to parallel or single-coil well - maybe a low dc resistance humbucker (like the Humbucker from Hell or a Screamin' Demon)...we'll see.  If anyone has suggestions for non-traditional hollow-body neck pickup choices, feel free to share! 


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That's a cool guitar, definitely not something you see often. I have an Ibanez AS-73 which was about the same price, and I am amazed at how much guitar you can get for that much money these days. The stuff coming out of foreign shops are so much nicer than they used to be.

I know what you mean about bending though, it's definitely harder than on my Mooncaster or strat.