Newbie Needs Help


Hello everyone, a couple weeks ago I started the design of my guitar. What I'm going for (tonewise) is a metal/shreddy tone. I really need help on the woods for both the neck and the body. I don't know much about different wood types or their affect on the tone, so I figured I'd ask here. Anyway, what I've got so far is this:
Body: Carved Top VIP
Finish: Glossy Black with white binding
Neck: Wizard profile with celtic cross inlays and an ebony fretboard
Headstock: Not sure. Thinking Arrow or Jackson or something
Tremelo and hardware: Gotoh Wilkinson Tremelo and all hardware will be gold (going for black beauty color scheme)
Nut Width: Some kind of wide one, not sure about this.

Then I'm getting Wolfetone Timbrewolf pickups. Two humbuckers. What do you guys think about this? Any suggestions or help much, much appreciated!

first of all, what is the price limit?
im thinkin a rose wood neck, if price permits, more stable than mahogany to.
and a korina, or mahogany body, maybe even bass wood, if you want it to be light or cheap.

i don't know if you want a warmer sound or a bright sound,
bright: id go fer a maple or canary neck, body doesn't matter to much, just get what you want. and tweak the eq

warm: mahogany (needs a finish) white korina (kinda heavy) rose wood (superb)

middle ground: wenge (cats ass) bubinga (heavy but punchy i think, go see the posts about it)
walnut, thats just a few.

i'd gofer a wood that doesn't need a finish, canary, wenge, RS, bubinga, walnut (i think)

hope this helps, don't hesitate to ask more questions.
Can't go wrong with a Korina body and a wenge neck with that ebony fretboard, see mine under the VIP gallery section; but you wouldn't want to finish a wenge neck or cover up Korina. If you're going to do the neck and body jet black, go Mahogany for neck/body
Going on the assumption that it will indeed be finished in black, and from what I know of guitars that are generally thought of as having "metal/shreddy" tone, ie Ibanez, Jackson, Esp, et al,  I would have to go with Basswood, Alder or Mahogany for the body and good ole' maple for the neck wood under that ebony fretboard.
My budget is about $1200. And I like this Alder idea with the maple neck. There are, however, different kinds of maple. Are they distinctly different or are they ignorable differences? Thanks for all the help!
If you're going to paint the neck black, just go with regular maple; no tonal difference with flame/birdseye, just for looks with a clear finish
Dunno bout those pickups but at least they're not EMGs. :tard:

For metal I'd got with a thicker sounding wood like mahogany or korina.
Can't go wrong with Mahoganny but the thing with Black Korina is you end up with something that very few guitar builders seem to use, ie its more of a one off.
My suggestion would be korina body (huge tone & quite warm) and then add some highs and a more cutting tone with a maple neck and ebony board.

The finish sounds slick.