New way to see guitar configurations?


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I know many Warmoth users configure their guitars in either paint or photoshop, and I'm trying to do the same. However, i think it would be cool if Warmoth had some app on their website that could show what the guitar would look like, with the fretboard, frets, body, paint, etc. I think it'd be highly useful, especially for people like me who aren't great with computers  :glasses9:


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Yeah that would be cool, Harley Davidson has something along those lines called the customizer on their website.  You pick the bike you want then the accessories and it makes a picture of what it will all look like together.
GoDrex's link to the the other thread pretty much nails it.  It may be a legal issue and further confuse some that Warmoth sells fully assembled instruments.  USACG has one if you insist.  The biggest thing it would be handy for is comparing finishes to fretboard and neck colors, but I would submit that just about any finish with any color fretboard exists in some variation for comparison on the internet.  Just not in the same body style.  Besides that, feel and sound should be more important, but we're taking the biggest gamble on the most important thing.