New Video: Why is There Finish All Over My Frets?

LOL! I play it for month then pick at it with my fingernails. Very satisfying. My next neck will be maple / maple!
Oh snap. What kind of clown doesn't like maple on maple? Probably the same kind of fool that wants his guitars finished like Grandma's dentures.

Damn, I opted for roasted flame maple on roasted flame maple for my build. I had no idea that at the same time I opted out of Grandma´s dentures!
Good video (as always).
I ordered my maple/maple necks unfinished, and when my painter clear-coated them, he first masked off every single fret wire.
So no scraping for me.
I think Rickenbacker uses some kind of self - levelling poly on the finger board so that the finish repels away from the frets. On all of mine the finish was not chipped away from the frets, rather the finish kinda rose up to the side of the fret and then thinned out to nothing half way up.