New to wiring, help with wiring idea


Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm about to start a VIP build. I heard about a really cool wiring/control idea from this video:

He explains the control setup at the very beginning and if you look in the info there's a link to the wiring diagram.

I wanted to add a master tone control to this setup and I have no idea where that would go in the diagram or how to wire that in. Any information about where a tone control would go would be much appreciated. I'm probably going to get someone to help me out wiring the electronics so help making a diagram would be the best.

Also, would anyone know what kind of 3 position mini toggle switches would be used for the coil split switches (they independently split each humbucker and allow the player to choose which coil, neck or bridge, is active) would it be DPDT switches? Which switch would be used for the series/parallel switch.

I'm a complete noob when it comes to wiring, this is my first guitar build ever, so any helpful advice pertaining to this setup in addition to information concerning my questions would be really appreciated. I'll be updating the "in progress" section when I get going on the build

Thanks everyone,
in a master tone/volume setup the pickups need to be wired to the switches first then to the pots. sorry I know this isnt technical.    has a bunch of good wiring diagrams that are easy to read.

I don't know where this diagram is, but if you send me the link, i can show you where to put the tone control...

For coil splitting, you want a DPDT mini toggle switch.
On-On for series/parallel, and On-On-On for series/single coil/parallel.
Master tone should go after the pickup selector switch - it takes the hot signal coming from the selector switch, controls the tone, and allows the signal on to the output jack.
Basically, everything that affects just one pickup, goes before the pickup selector, and everything that is 'master', goes between the pickup selector and the output.
That guitar is too gimmicky for me, I wouldn't be able to use it live for instance and I can't imagine that the sound from the north and south coils are different enough to bother with, but to each his own.
Rpguitar is a member of this forum, but I haven't seen him around in a while.

Anyway there are too many options for me (hell, I think the 5 options on a strat are a bit much), but if you're a tweaker/tinkerer go for it......  as to where to add a master tone, easy... see attached, I've modified Roger's diagram for ya  :toothy12:

(Of course you can wire the tone knob any way you like... I drew a "modern" Gibson tone circuit because it was easier to draw.  But however you want to wire it, that's where your master tone goes.)
Thanks line6man, but it looks like dbw beat you to it. I know the guitar sounds unnecessarily complicated, but I'm all about options and variability, and a tiny bit about showing off all my guitar's features to my friends. I just like the ability to play around and get cool tones, I've always thought coil splitting was pretty sweet.

Thanks a lot you guys, dbw especially, I'll have no problem reading that diagram when I get down to wiring.