New Tele Project


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Well the components showed up this week.  All looking real swell but on closer inspection of the Tele body- killer finish - I did not get the expected Side Jack route put in before it was shipped.  So back to the great NorthWest it went yesterday.  Looks like another 2 weeks before I can get started on this project.

The neck looks fantastic and the Dirty Harry pickups are just screaming to be let loose on my Fender Twin Reverb.  I can hardly wait to hear it wail.

I'll update as progress is made.  But for now itis a 2 week delay.
Here is a photo of the neck, bridge, bridge and neck PUPS.  All the rest I have right now are the small electronic parts - not worth taking a picture of capacitors or POTS IMHO.  The Body went back to Warmoth on Friday.  I do not expect to see it for a couple weeks.  Maybe during the Christmas holidays I can complete the project.


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Looks like we'll be sounding similiar mate! I have a Boss ME50 which I love and am about to install some rio grande dirty harrys onto my Tele project.
the ME 50 rocks!  I could not ask more from a multi effects pedal.  it has every setting for just abouit every boss effect they make.

I was disappointed that the body was not complete.  I can't wait to hear those dirty harry's.  this tele is going to be very les paul like.  the body is mahogany and the neck looks vintage LP.