new strat



this is my second warmoth build. korina body and neck, ebony board with abolone dots, flame koa top and peghead. dimarzio pu's, wilkinson vg300 tremolo. just finshed and still needs to be setup, this guitar rips.



That guitar is Sexy!
It actually reminds me a lot of Superbeasts guitar! (where did he go.. still living in the doghouse?)
God Damn You!
I've said: DON'T SHOW GUITARS WITH FLAME KOA IN THIS BOARD!!! Some people can burn theyr bank accounts and anothers can have a heart attack!  :icon_jokercolor:

Serious, what a nice guitar!!! :icon_biggrin:
The more I look at it, the more I like it!! (and still reminds me of superbeast.. look it up in the strat gallery!)
now did you finish this yourself? was it a clear finish or did you (or W) add a stain?
Ohmigosh!!!  You got a killer Koa top AND orange streaked Korina!?!?!?!???!?!?!!??!?!?! :eek:  You sir are entirely too lucky to be allowed.

*goes and pouts for the rest of the night*
thanks for all the nice comments. i looked up superbeasts guitar and we have a lot in common. i love his BR fretboard as well. the pickups are evo2(bridge), fender standard strat(middle), and air norton neck. i am going to put in some setup time this weekend. the initial tone report is unreal. the pickups will take you to over the top high gain territory yet still clean up plenty well with volume rolled off. the strat pickup gives me the vintage single coil tone. the tone of an all korina guitar is excellent. the body came from the showcase and i had the neck made to match. finish is all tru oil, many coats, weeks to cure, then sanded and buffed. the body is solid, less than 3.5 lbs., and the overall guitar feels like less than 7 lbs. i'm a happy warmoth camper.

Very nice... The coloring is awesome! You guys make it tough for me to plan my next project. I see all your new guitars and all of a sudden I want to change my mind on my plan... That's the coolest thing about building a W guitar, it's very personal, and every one of them that I have seen are very cool. Spot on to all of you!