New Strat

davec629 said:
I cant figure out why I cant bring the picture up. I'm a newbie.

G'day Dave; I'm an oldbie, or should that be an "old-B" but I can't get it up either.........err the picture that is!!
Post another one, or better still, several
Would like to see it better. I'm still trying to figure out how some of you post pics like that. Mine are always just full sized. Would like to know how you post them so they expand on a click.
Upload another photo. It looks cool but the lil pic is a cocktease. :eek:ccasion14:
I saw it for a second then it disapeared! but from what i saw it looked good! But CD makes a good point, don't be a cocktease. it'll just end with tears and a bad case of blue balls  :sad:
I'm going to make some more pictures and I should be a little more detailed.
It has a Highway 1 neck with locking tuners.
# duncan vintage stack pickups from a ESP GL56 (George Lynch ESP relic).
Warmoth body with a charger green sunburst ( Warmoth products WILL spoil you!).
Wilkinson VSVG trem.
Mint green pickguard until I can find a better shade of green.
I just picked up a Sunn 880 head (bass?) and 4-12" Peavey guitar cab for $50 and will re-cover them in the same charger green.
The big version of the picture is corrupted somehow and we can't fix it. Try to re-upload that picture with no puncutation like apostrophes in the file name. Thanks.