New Project! - need opinion


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I have been trying to sell my Gecko body for a while because I needed money, but after a long time of not being able to get rid of it for cash, I have found a trade where I will save a decent amount of money, which is second best. The trade works out in my favor to +100$, so I'm happy.

I will be giving the body to a local electric bass and guitar builder. In return, he will be building me swamp ash P-bass body, finishing it in Olympic White, then I am ordering a maple/maple Warmoth P-bass neck, which he will finish for me, then when I get the rest of the parts he will put it together and set it all up for me.
I am not really sure what kind of finish he uses for the necks - he seals it with something or other and he mentioned some furniture finishing product. Yeah, that is crazy vague but I have a bad memory. But I played a bass he used the finish on, and it feels better then any other finished neck I have played. After playing my unfinished canary neck for a long time, I didn't like the idea of going back, but this one feels like a good compromise.

I will be using a Hipshot A style bridge, but I want to go for more of a vintage look, so I will be covering it with a bridge cover. Here is my first question. I might want to later put a jazz bass pup in the bridge, and again to keep with the look I don't want it exposed, so I want to use a J bass bridge cover. I think the longer cover might look strange on the P-bass body. Anybody done this and have a picture? No local store I have found stocks them, so I will have to just order one. I probably won't be able to just return it if I hate the look so I want to be sure.

If somebody could photoshop it for me, I would be very thankful.
I recently moved and could only take a laptop with me, and it isn't powerful enough to run powershop, even for just basic things.