New project, 1st build


Hiya I'm Peter from the Lake District in the UK.

My body and neck arrived today. A Korina 54P body rear routed with a split P in the middle position and a birdseye maple front and rear jazz neck.

The body has had a one and only application of thinned grain filler and after an overnight dry the thinned (pure) Tung oil starts tomorrow.

I'm using Truoil on the neck with the exception of the headstock face that with be nitro cellulosed with a tint.

Wizard overwound 14k pickup and an ACG filter based pre-amp plus black Hipshot hardware with a De-tuner.

That's it, will update.

Very pleased with the parts btw, thank you Warmoth!    :rock-on:


As the bits arrived
That's gonna look great. I'd give the grainfiller a bit more time before oiling, but that's just me. I love the neck too :icon_thumright:
Yet again, Ted's beaten me to it.  Ted slow down will ya ?!?!?!?
More Brits. 
Welcome sanemancured. 

Lovely bit of Korina by the way.
Once you've got it finished, make sure you post the pics, and then come down to London and jam with Ted and I, or at least come and have a pint.

All the best.
Well the 'War Moth' is now finished and exceeds all my expectations.

10 coats of Tung on the body went well and the grain on the Korina ia really good with dark stripes top and bottom.

Tha hardware is black with a Hipshot D tuner to match the other Ultralites. Pickup a Wizard Thumper and the pre amp an ACG filter based unit. A brilliant addition from Alan at . I was originally going to fit a Hipshot bridge but as the body came drilled for a 5 hole bridge I went for a Gotoh and it's great.

The Truoil is so easy to use and gives very effective results. The Jazz neck is slightly 'chunky' but I'm fine with that. The neck/body join is superb, as tight as could be.

Here's a picci: