New GFS pickups


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Apparently GFS is coming out with some noiseless strat pups of their own....

I like GFS... they claim their pickups sound as good as $100 pickups.  I haven't heard enough to say if that's true or not but I can tell you they sound a whole lot better than most other pickups in the same price range.
I installed a 6k set of Lil Killers in my srat. Great sounding pickups for about $24 each. Not as bright as standard strat pickups but very close. Just adjusted my amp settings a bit. I trust these new vintage noiseless ones will be even better.

I've liked the GFS pickups I tried, mainly the A2 pro strat set. I didn't like the 10k lil killer (?) very much but maybe it just wasn't my personal style. It was basically as advertised. Some people haven't liked the Hbs very much. I'll try them again some day for sure, I'll probably do an A/B just to satisfy my curiosity. As an upgrade to a squier or something they are the bees knees.
My eight year old son has had an electric guitar since his first birthday.  For his fifth birthday, I bought him a full size electric.  However, knowing his penchant for destroying things, I really cheaped out on him.  I bought him a well used Peavey Raptor.  This guitar is nearly the epitome of what is wrong with cheap guitars.  Bad pickups, wiring, and pots, and the worst version of the six hole trem unit I have really ever witnessed first hand.  Anyway, the boy has actually started to learn a few chords and seems genuinely interested in pursuing his old man's favorite past-time, and after seeing the Warmoths I have built he wants to go full custom, but as eight year olds are want to do, he has become emotionally attached to this hunk'O'junk.  My point to all of this is that I still have to be a little cheap with him, he's got to earn the really good stuff, so we are going to rebuild this thing, starting from he ground up, but it is going to be the most budget conscious effort that I can muster, and the very first thing I thought of was the decent things I have heard about GFS pickups, so he will probably be getting $88 worth of them for his first project guitar.  I am really hoping they will live up to the good things I have heard, if so this piece'O'crap may well end up lasting the boy a few more of his formative guitar years! 
My Peavey Raptor Plus was my only electric for almost 5 years.  It was not a good guitar.  I replaced one of the pickups with a Seymour Duncan, which helped a little.
I've got the Texas Set of GFS Pickups in my strat and they are fantastic. They sound much better then my Texas Special. In a Tele I've got are also GFS pups installed. Absolute great.
I think the new noiseless will be fantastic, too. Maybe I will order some for testing them.

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Now for sale, $10 off if you buy now. I may go ahead and try them.
I'm thinking about putting a set of GFS pickups in my new W guitar. Still in thinkn' stage tho, still need to recieve body then paint it.
I've used a number of different GFS pickups over the past 3 or 4 years and have been impressed.  I bought a full sized P-90 and put it in the neck of my Japanese made Epi LP Standard with great results.  It gave me some really neat options otherwise not doable with the stock Epi humbucker.  Later, I put two GFS nickel covered humbuckers in that same guitar and the sound was really smooth compared to the stock pickups. 

I've used GFS strat pickups with success, too.  One issue tho...I bought a P-bass pickup but had to return it due to the cover being a bit too large for my Fender pickguard.  I didn't want to cut the Fender pickguard or ditch it in favor of a GFS pickguard so I got a refund with no problems.

IMHO for the price of these pickups, it's worth it.  :toothy12:
I am currently rebuilding a super old peavy predator, (strat style) I planing on using this
and painting it fridgadator white.

I scored a zebra crunchy pat from Vanhagar, thank you very much, so I'll eventually replace the bridge pup. I CAN'T WAIT, just thinking about it hurts.

The start is beat to hell and back and could use a refret, and I'm broke.
Installed the 'total vintage' GFS neovins today on my goldtop gold strat, and first impressions, I'm not that impressed. They're quiet, though not quite as much as a good HB, and sound like a strat, but kind of a generic one. They lack that 'glassy' top end, and cranking the treble on my amp didn't restore it at all. The bridge especially is pretty dull sounding. I'll keep em in for a while, we'll see, but right now I'm not all that happy.  I wasn't really unhappy with the SD 'california 50s' that I had on it before, but the sunburst strat I'm making was a chance to check out some new pups, and sc noise does bug me. I guess I need to go for the Fender CS noiseless then?
I'm very happy with my Fender Hot Noiseless - - I posted clips  - I'm not as interested in a vintage sound so I think they're really good for what I like to play. I think the cleans sound great and they handle distortion very well. But they're definitely modern sounding. Oh and totally silent with no bad feedback.

What about Dimarzio Area ones? They seem like they sound great. They're probably better than the Fender ones.
Kinman is out because of their website bs and because I think those prices are just gouging.
Dimarzio, I dunno, the name just means 'metal' to me, and you know I'm looking for a real old-school sound for my strat. It's got to have that glass, and go well with lots of reverb and tremolo effect. People here have said good things about the Fender CS pickups.
You may want to check out the Seymour Duncan STK-S4 Classic Stack + pickups. I have a set in my MIJ Strat and they really have a great classic strat tone. I used a super switch to wire them so the dummy coils are shorted out in the notch positions. Someone on the Seymour Duncan forum A/Bed these pickups with the Kinmans and said the Duncans came closest to matching the tone of their vintage strat. Unfortunately there are no sound clips of these pickups on the Duncan website, only soundclips of the old STK-S1 Classic Stacks which sound much less authentic.

Hope this helps,
tfarny I just mentioned Dimarzio Areas based on this review - - it's definitely not metal. But whatever dooooood. I didn't buy them.

Wow godrex that's a nice review, thanks a ton. Yeah I'll muddle along with these GFS for a while, especially since I just bought them.
How did the noisless GFS's sound compared to the Lil'Killers you have used? My Lilkillers are pretty good in 1,3,5 but dont have enough quak in 2,4...I was thinking of wireing them up with a super switch so they would be split in those positions.