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For many years now I have lived my life Faceless; an incomplete soul, a lonely shadow with no visage. Approximately one year ago that all changed, however briefly. I had obtained the Face but I didn't fully understand it. Could it really be my Face? I didn't think so...

When you've lived your life for so long lacking for something so simple, it can be difficult to understand once you have it. And so I parted ways with my newly found Face. But then I found myself once thinking about the Face. Craving it. For once one has tasted the rain, he can never break that addiction. For a year there were no storms, no water to quench my thirst...

For a time I nearly forgot the taste of the rain... My throat had grown dry; so dry that had it had become a defining feature of my existence. But then I saw it! Right here on the TGP classifieds, like drenching storm above that barren land! And so I bought it. For a second time a Face is mine, and it is righteous! It's texture! It's grit! It's viol-ik sustain! It is my Face now, and I think it is here to stay!

TFWDR (Too F*cking Weird, Didn't Read): I bought a Basic Audio Face fuzz for the second time, and it's sweet!


The Face is a really cool fuzz. It seems to have a lot more volume and gain on tap than a traditional germanium Fuzz Face, but still retains the most desirable characteristics. Woody, gritty, smooth, violin-like sustain, and excellent cleanup with the volume knob.

The bias control is interesting, you can set the Face for gating if you like, but I seem prefer the bias set in a normal range. The starve control is great! I'm setting the control for slight starve, and I feel it thins the sound slightly and greatly improves the texture. So far I like the body switch set to the left (middle amount of bass).

I'm particularly liking the face with p90s, but it also sound great with singles and low-moderate output humbuckers. It does a great vintage Fuzz Face sound if thats what you're after, but has many crazier/more experimental tones available. It also sounds great with the volume turned up slamming an amp for doomy sounds.

As an added bonus, I think it also has one of my all time favorite pedal graphics haha
Very cool looking Fuzz! I dig fuzz too. I want a Durham Crazy Horse!



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Typo alert: perhaps check your post re TGP classifieds, which are not here  :icon_scratch: