New Body, new builder


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Hey everyone, I finally took the warmoth plunge. I just got a poplar soloist body out of the showcase, it was perfect, just the piece I had been waiting for. Recessed TOM, arched string through, poplar, and the figuring was even incredible, and totally gray (well from the pictures) with no green in sight. Anyways im going to stain it with min-wax Red mahogany, which is a reallly dark red. after that what should I do? I want a satin finish, I dont really like gloss. I saw satin finisher in aerosol cans ( I cant remember if it was spray nitro or urethane) or should I do tung or linseed oil? Will the oils color the finish? thanks, I realize its alot of questions.
I am using TruOil on mine and I'm happy with the results.

The oil will darken the wood some, but not a whole lot.

I'm making mine gloss, sort of immitating a thick nitro finish.

Buffing with 0000 steel wool will give a satin finish.
Congrats on the new build.
You have found a great site. The people are very helpful and supportive to us newbies. Post some pics so all of us can enjoy the process. :eek:ccasion14:

An easy solution is wipe-on satin poly, minwax makes some. I'm currently doing a maple tele neck with it, very easy stuff to use. I'm actually toying with that same red oil stain, then this satin topcoat for my new poplar VIP, so I'd be interested to see the results you get with it. Please post pictures as you go along.