New Body for a New Project


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Having fallen in love with the Jazzmaster shape for my 3-pickup "Green Special" (sadly not pictured here as of yet; need to take new pics and share them), I decided that I'd use it to fill a Tele-shaped hole in my lif-- I mean collection. And here it is: the core for my new Jazzcaster/Telemaster/Offset Tele build.
As you can see below, I tried to visually pay a little homage to George Harrison's rosewood Tele. "But why use mahogany and not rosewood?" you ask. In a word, "Expense." However, Warmoth's data on the two tonewoods' "darkness" seems to be comparable so we'll see how it turns out.
Here are the specs for your perusal:
Core WoodMahogany
Lam Top Wood/Unique Choice?Mahogany, No
Neck P/U RoutTele
Middle P/U RoutNone
Bridge P/U RoutTele
Jack Rout7/8"
Bridge Rout Type/Bridge RoutHardtail, Vintage Tele
Neck Pocket ShapeTele
Body ContoursForearm, Tummy, Heel
Binding/Edge DecorationLight Wood Laminate Accent Line
Paint Category/Color/Satin or GlossClear, Clear, Satin