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Hey Guys,

Fender's neck thickness evolves over time and we were wondering what the average thickness of the American Standard necks were for the last number of years. If some of you have one of these AMERICAN models in your possession, I wonder if you would take an accurate measurement with a pair of calipers of how thick the neck is from the middle of the fingerboard to the back of the neck at the first fret and then again at the 12th fret. This info would really help out.

Thanks!  :toothy10:
Mine's a 2003, maple/rosewood (maybe it varies with fretboard wood?)

1st fret, .83"
12th fret, .88"

Does the standard thin contour in any way reflect changes in fender specs? (Just wondering what the survey is for)
Does the standard thin contour in any way reflect changes in fender specs? (Just wondering what the survey is for)
We've been doing our same standard thin forever. Not sure anymore where it really came from. We were just curious about the American Standard so I thought the forum would be a good place to ask about that. Thanks for the dimensions!
Mine is the same as "nathan a" above

2003 American Standard Maple/Maple.

1st fret, .83"
12th fret, .88"
Would a Vernier Caliper do the trick? 

I have a 1987 (guessing) American Standard Stratocaster with a Maple/Maple neck.  I bought it new in 1987 or 1988 and have kept it the entire time.  It is the one I use the most and have modified the most (I call it Felix the Strat).

Do you think things like age and finish will have deteriorated such to give an inaccurate reading for your purposes?

I'll try to get a Vernier Caliper tonight ($11 at Lowes) and get those measurements for you tomorrow.  Maybe even some pics!

~Tyler Barnes
Okay, I got a Caliper today and got the following measurements from my Maple/Maple American Standard Stratocaster neck:

1st Fret = 0.625"
12th Fret = 0.75"

Does that seem correct?

Again, my American Standard Stratocaster was purchased, I believe, in 1987.  The Serial Number is E480030.  As it was an early American Standard it still had a 1984 serial number (according to Tony Bacon's Stratocaster book the new Fender company used the remaining stock of E3 and E4 serial numbers for the earliest runs of American Standard Stratocasters.  As I recall, E8 numbers started showing up in 1988 so anything with an E3 or E4 number could have come from 1986 to 1988.)

I hope this helps!
Man that seems pretty thin. The Ibanez wizard isn't much thinner than the warmoth standard thin by the look of the diagram on the website. If your neck is thinner than a Wizard that is crazy.
GearBoxTy - Did you buy that '87 new? Assuming those measurements are correct, it sounds like someone pulled that neck and sanded it down thinner, been known to happen.....
Ah, I bet I did the measurments wrong  :sad1:

Yea, I bought it new.  I just can't remember if it was '86, '87, or '88!

The measurement should only been the wood, right?  Not the fret.  As fret height will change with wear.  The Vernier Caliper I used said 5/8" and 6/8" with strings removed measuring from the face of the fretboard to the middle of the back (skunk stripe area) behind the first fret and behind the 12th fret, respectively.

I'll take it with me to a friend's house this weekend who has a nicer caliper and will probably get the most accurate reading.

I just want to help since I have an authentic American Standard Stratocaster with a Maple/Maple neck and mileage!

Sounds like you're measuring the correct way, though those numbers do seem very thin. 
American Standard neck, produced 1987. Maple/Rosewood.
1st fret: 20,5mm, or 0,807".
12th fret: 21,7mm, or 0,854".

Alright, I finally got ahold of a digital caliper and here is what my 80's (S/N: E480030) American Standard Maple/Maple neck measures:

1st Fret = 0.817"
12th Fret = 0.863"

Sorry about all the crazy confusion!

Attached is a picture of the build date after removing it...

~Tyler Barnes


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